About The Mash-Up Americans

ASC RL Joint Headshot - 2017

Photo credit: Matt Sayles

The Mash-Up Americans is a media company and creative studio that explores race, culture and identity in America and what makes us who we are. We smash the traditional (and eye-rolling) “identity” verticals to instead center our stories on the universal: family, relationships, food, and issues like guilt, faith and love, through a nuanced and compassionate cultural lens. We believe that storytelling unlocks empathy; and with empathy, positive social change is possible.

We publish original stories at mashupamericans.com, produce a popular podcast with American Public Media and Southern California Public Radio and curate must-read stories in our weekly newsletter. We also work with select clients who want to create and distribute content that speaks to Mash-Up America in an authentic, meaningful way.

Design and Exclusion is created in partnership with Mash-Up Americans. Amy S. Choi is the host and both she and Rebecca Lehrer helped produce the show. Read more about Mash-Up Americans on Design.Blog.