We tend to think of the digital products and services we build as tools that promote equality and access. Yet we often create inhospitable, uncomfortable, and non-inclusive spaces despite our best intentions, and despite design’s overarching goal to foster inclusion.

Exclusion can be driven by conscious hatred. But we sometimes also fuel it with our own ignorance. Designers may not be able to address the former, but the latter opens up multiple directions for change.

To explore these opportunities, we’re gathering design and technology leaders whose expertise spans industry, startups, nonprofits, and research labs. We’ll convene here online on April 21 to discuss how the design of technology platforms excludes people. By focusing on exclusion, we want to push ourselves to think differently — and together — about building more welcoming and inclusive products.

The live, April 21, event has ended. The conference is available for streaming as video above, as a transcript, or as individual podcast segments. Scroll down this page to learn how to continue the conversation.

Panel 1


A message on Design and Inclusion 🔊 John Maeda, Automattic
Panel: Exploring the Problems 🔊 Maria Giudice, Autodesk
Andrew Sinkov, Etsy
Ashleigh Axios, Automattic
Panel: Asking Better Questions 🔊 Paco Vinoly, NextDoor
Anne Diaz, Airbnb
Amy S. Choi, Mash-Up Americans
A message on Opportunities Missed from Excluded Voices 🔊 Joan Shigekawa
Panel: Engaging Online 🔊 Ethan Zuckerman, MIT Center for Civic Media
Erin McKean, Wordnik
Aminatou Sow, Tech LadyMafia
Panel: Discussing Solutions 🔊 Matt Mullenweg, Automattic
Aarron Walter, InVision
Amy S. Choi, Mash-Up Americans
Online Engagement ► Video Q&A with Nathan Matias, John Maeda, and Amy S. Choi

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Continue the Conversation

You’ll find speakers, hosts, and each other online throughout this event using #DesignX on Twitter, Instagram and other social channels. Ask questions, share stories, learn from the experiences of others and make commitments of your own — you’ll help make this an immersive experience for everyone around the world.

Read more about our code of conduct for the event, and how we can work together to make this a positive experience for all.

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